If you want to swing and play in your backyard, King Swing’s list of the best-selling swing sets and playhouses is the perfect place to begin your journey. From massive swing sets with playhouses to classic play set designs, our Early 2024 Best Seller list has all the fun you could want!

The ground rules: For the sake of consistency, our best-selling swing sets and playhouse lists only include standard playset designs. There are no custom swing sets or custom playhouses on this list, though we love to help parents design the perfect set for their family.

Let’s jump into it and see which swing set, playhouse, or playhouse with swings is the top seller!

This image shows the Wave Rider Swing Set from King Swings.

The Wave Rider has long been a favorite play set design with the staff at King Swings. It soars up to 7’ tall; from that height, your children can play in the spacious 6’x8’ play deck or zoom down one of the two slides!

The 7’ tall rock wall on the back of this vinyl swing set provides a great challenge for kids of all ages and lends itself to creative play. It’s not just a rock wall; in your children’s imagination, it’s the rocky craig the adventuring party has to scale to reach the dragon’s lair!

The swing beam has four positions, including a comfy hammock where you can sip your beverage of choice while hanging out with your kids.

The Wave Rider Swing Set is perfect for families with older children or who wish to get a swing set their kids can grow into. With its two slides, rock wall, and high swings, it will keep the kids entertained for years to come!

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#4 The Cottage Playhouse

This picture shows the New Cottage from King Swings

The Cottage Playhouse continually appears in our best-selling lists. While it has dropped a few places this year, it still has plenty of time to regain its third-place position. Who knows, this playhouse with swings will climb higher this year!

The Cottage Playhouse’s modern roof and smaller footprint stand out from our many playhouse options. Perfect for the family wanting to swing and play in their backyard, the Cottage has all the great features you want but doesn’t dominate your space.

The 6’x6’ playhouse has room for outside furniture and toys and easily transforms into a restaurant or secret hideout in your children’s imagination. The waterfall slide offers a speedy way to escape any make-believe perils, and the monkey bars swing beam has three swing positions.

And we can’t talk about the Cottage Playhouse without talking about the staircase. The staircase is our best access point. No ducking under railings; it allows you, grandma, kids, uncles, and pets to go up and down from the playhouse easily.

We expect the Cottage to climb a spot or two this year, but maybe the upcoming playhouse that dethroned it has established a new order.

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This image shows an ivory playhouse with red slides. Children are playing on it.

The Palace Playhouse has dipped in and out of the top five swing sets and playhouses for several years. Now firmly rooted at #3, it is looking to establish itself as the best playhouse with swings we offer.

And it makes a great case for itself. The spacious 8’x8′ playhouse feels wide and has plenty of head space. The turbo tube slide and rock wall are great additions that add creative storytelling potential to the playhouse. The staircase is the perfect access point for the Palace, and the fireman’s pole is another fun addition.

The swing beam is nice and tall and has three swing positions. The monkey bars attached at the end give your kids a place to test their strength and coordination. And, if properly goaded, maybe even an uncle or aunt can give it a go.

The Palace Playhouse Swing Set is an elite set packed with fun yet spacious and roomy. With all the modern color options you want and its easy customization, the Palace could be our top-selling playhouse for 2024!

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For as long as we can remember, the Cubby’s Fort Swing Set has been in our top five list and near the top of the list at that.

Cubby’s Fort is one of those swing sets that checks all the boxes. Compact design? Check. Premium features such as checkerboard sandbox? Check. Monkey Bar Swing Beam? Check. Rock wall/ladder combo and a great slide? Check and check.

The Cubby’s Fort Swing Set will always be among our top five best sellers. It is the perfect blend of exciting features, price, and space.

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#1 The Sea King

We get it; this is getting a little redundant, but the Sea King continues dominating the best-selling swing set market. Its combination of premium features, a spacious playdeck, and a relatively small footprint makes it perfect for almost any backyard.

The Sea King is all about space and fun. The 6’x8’ playdeck has space for whatever your kids can cook up, plus some. The rock wall, waterfall slide, and monkey bar swing beam add active fun to the set and spark imaginative play.

Of course, it has a staircase as the access point. You wouldn’t expect anything less.

The Sea King’s selling point is that it is spacious, easily customizable, great for large families and small ones alike, and lays out in a space-saving way.

The Sea Kings have now entered the dynasty conversation. Given how they have performed so far, there is little chance the king will need to surrender the crown anytime soon!

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Honorable Mentions

Though not in the top 5, it is comfortably in the top 10. The Chalet A-frame Playhouse continues to wow families nationwide (yes, we deliver and install in the lower 48 states), and maybe, in time, it will dethrone the Palace. The Chalet showcases the team’s dedication to pushing playhouse design forward.

The Captain’s Castle is number six on the best-seller list. The double-deck swing set provides many customization options and is great for families with younger and older children. The 7’ tall rock wall is a sight to behold!

Still a Long Season Ahead!

We have a long year yet, so stay tuned! Our best sellers list is generally updated at the end of May and before the new year.

King Swings has been crafting high-quality, durable, made to order swing sets for the past 35+ years. Each swing set or playhouse is customizable, delivered, and installed in your backyard, making us a one-stop shop for your swing set needs. We are also manufacturer-direct, which means you get to work with our in-house teams, not outsourced crews that aren’t sure what is happening.

We get it. This is a big purchase for you. We treat every swing set or play house as if it were as valuable to us as it was to you. Read our Google reviews, and when you are ready, contact us to bring the playground home!

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