What is the best swing set for a toddler? This phrase is Googled, Tiktoked, and hashed out in real life by parents who have entered that time of life when they realize the empty grassy area will not entertain their toddler any longer. A swing set is needed to keep the toddler moving and busy. And so the quest for the best swing set for a toddler is launched.

A simple Google search reveals many opinions about which playhouse or swing set is best for a 2-year-old. As a dad of three kids, I know a little about what a toddler is capable of, and since I work in the swing set industry, I am uniquely positioned to give you some tips.

The first and most important tip I can give you is to listen to your gut. You know your children better than anyone else, and since you can customize your swing set with King Swings, you can follow those instincts to find the perfect swing set for your toddler.

Today, we are going to talk about:

  • Key Factors to Consider for Toddler Swing Sets
  • Designing for Now or the Future?
  • King Swing’s Best Swing Sets for Toddlers
  • Final Thoughts

Let’s get into it.

Key Factors to Consider for Toddler Swing Sets

The best swing set for a toddler has easy access, a well-made slide, and lots of space in the tower. The swing set should present a few challenges to help the toddler build strength and coordination. It must walk the fine line of being safe yet exciting enough to keep them engaged.

Easy Access to the Swing Set

Getting your toddler into the swing set or playhouse is one of the most basic yet essential things to consider. Every child is different, but having a staircase with a railing or a ramp is often superior to just a ladder. Ladders are installed at steeper angles than ramps or staircases and are often more difficult for toddlers to climb. A ramp or staircase allows children to explore independently without difficulty.

Lots of Space in the Tower

An often overlooked point is that space is an important part of play, especially for toddlers. Tight play decks increase the chance of a tumble down a climber. An open, spacious tower gives the child plenty of room to catch himself. Lots of space also serves the parents if they play in the tower with the child. Large play decks provide such extra value and safety.

Safe, Sturdy Slides

Slides can vary wildly in safety and durability. A good slide for a toddler will have a decent side edge but, just as important, a lip at the bottom. The lip helps the toddler stop before being plopped out on the ground. Our avalanche, turbo tube, and super spiral slides all have this lip and are excellent choices when designing a swing set for a toddler.

Appropriate yet Challenging Climbers

Climbers such as rock walls, cargo nets, and pod climbers are fantastic for any swing set. Good climbers for toddlers have big handholds, safety railings, and a smooth transition point from the climber to the tower. The climber should be a manageable height but tall enough to provide a challenge appropriate for their age.

Safe Design

Toddlers do not always have the best space awareness. Keeping that in mind, look for designs with smart play flows. When your toddler exits the swings, must they run past a slide to access a climber or staircase? If so, a collision could occur if more than one child uses the set. Thinking about how the play will flow across the swing set or playhouse is important in designing a safe, fun playset for toddlers.

Designing for Now or the Future?

Toddlers don’t stay young forever. If you design the swing set purely for the toddler stage, you risk the child never using it as they age. Your swing set design needs to hold the tension of being appropriate for their age now but still fun when they are 8, 9, or even older.

King Swings doesn’t offer swing sets at a 3’ deck height. The value is not there for a long-term backyard playground. Our standard tower height is 5’ tall, making it a nice challenge for a toddler but not something that will be abandoned as they grow older.

How do you design a swing set that grows well with your children? We have a whole blog post on that here. Check it out if you are just getting your family started.

King Swing’s Best Swing Sets for Toddlers

The following swing set and playhouse are great swing sets for toddlers. They are easily accessed, filled with fun, and still have challenges for later in life. These playsets are a great starting point. And remember, you can customize these designs to get the perfect swing set for your family.

The Sea King

The Sea King is our best-selling swing set by a wide margin, and it also happens to be one of the best swing sets for toddlers. It has everything we talked about. The staircase provides a simple access point, the tower has plenty of space for play, the design avoids collisions, and the monkey bars and rock wall provide an excellent challenge for now while still keeping it relevant for later.

The Sea King can be customized easily. If you feel your toddler handles a ramp better, replace the staircase with a ramp. You could also add a super spiral slide to make it more fun or, with the future in mind, a super-fast tube slide.

The Sea King’s best-selling status proves it is a great swing set for many ages. Whether you choose the standard design or customize it, the Sea King swing set will be perfect for your toddler.

View Sea King

The Cottage Playhouse

This picture shows the New Cottage from King Swings

The Cottage Playhouse is a great playhouse for toddlers. Not as tall as its soaring counterpart, the Palace Playhouse, the Cottage 5’ height is comfortable yet still allows for a good slide. The staircase provides a simple, easy access point, and the avalanche slide is perfect for toddlers just learning to use a slide. Though a real challenge for a toddler, the monkey bars will be mastered in time, one rung at a time!

The Cottage Playhouse’s design allows for easy customization. Want a rock wall instead of a slide? That’s no issue. You can add fun items like decking, a lemonade stand beneath the tower, or even a ball pit!

View Cottage Playhouse

Final Thoughts

When shopping for or designing the best swing set for toddlers, remember to look for easy access points, sturdy slides, and well-planned designs. Although your child is a toddler now, they won’t be in a few years, so plan for the future as well.

Remember that you know your child the best. When planning your swing set, consider your child’s needs, strengths, interests, and weaknesses. Playing on a playset can help develop hand-eye coordination and build strength, so don’t be afraid to add in a few challenges you are comfortable with.

King Swings has been crafting high-quality, durable, made-to-order swing sets for the past 35+ years. We build fully customizable premium swing sets and playhouses with the highest craftsmanship and safety standards. Our modern designs and imaginative accessories
will inspire backyard play and discovery for the whole family.

We get it. A swing set or playhouse is a big purchase for you. We treat every swing set or play house as if it were as valuable to us as it was to you. Read our Google reviews, and when you are ready, contact us to bring the playground home!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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