King Swings prides itself on crafting heirloom-quality, made to order swing sets and playhouses. Our modern playhouses and customizable swing sets are handmade by our manufacturing team, which comprises local Amish artisans. This team is constantly growing and committed to providing the highest-quality swing sets and playhouses on the market.

How has King Swings become known for customizable swing sets and playhouses? Walking through our manufacturing building, you will see all the standard fare. Table saws whirl through vinyl and wood, calloused hands knot cargo nets, and playhouse walls are measured and cut. What makes our team different?

One thing you may notice is the fun they have while getting work done. Laughter, shouts, snatches of song, and mini-competitions constantly break out among the guys. During lunch, you will hear the “THWACK!” of pickleball rackets as the guys play a pickup game on the taped-out court in the back corner of the warehouse.

Yes, Amishmen are playing pickleball. You read that right.

The King Swings Difference

While the fun environment is part of the equation but not the central part, what separates King Swings from others is our craftsmen. Our artisans take pride in their swing sets and playhouses; you can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices when they eagerly gather around a freshly printed batch of completed job pictures. They gush over the swing sets like grandmas looking at their grandbabies.

They are invested in their work, and seeing the finished swing set standing tall and perfect in your backyard gives them an unending joy.

That pride and investment drive their attention to detail, quality of work, and constant push to improve. This is a motivated team, and motivated teams do fantastic work. This team isn’t just punching in, doing their bit, then clocking out. They know they are part of something special and unique, which shows in their dedication.

Jack Green, Manufacturing Admin.

Jack Green, our head of manufacturing, is guiding all of these handcrafting heroes. He joined the team in 2023 after spending his time learning the business. Jack did various jobs;  traveling with the install crews, installing spindles in swing set assembly, and helping load trailers till far past quitting time. He knows what it takes to get a made-to-order swing set or playhouse from an invoice to a magical adventure in your backyard.

Jack has been settling King Swing’s manufacturing into a brand new building. He has risen to the challenge of establishing modern inventory control and purchasing systems, which allow the whole team to maximize storage space and builder efficiency.

This is the first full year in the new building and implementing all these new systems. Jack is excited to see the team’s hard work pay off.

Manufacturer Direct, Made to Order Swing Sets

King Swings allows our customers to customize their swing sets or playhouses. Each custom swing set provides a new challenge to the teams, and it is impressive to see them move through the building process so effortlessly, with each order being unique.

That smoothness is a massive benefit of being manufacturer-direct. If the swing set design team has a customer ask about customization that has never been done, they simply can walk out to the manufacturing bays and talk directly to the builder. Or, if the builders have a question, they don’t have to play phone tag but just drop by the sales. There are no middlemen to slow down the process, no he said/she said, just good, clear communication between teams about your dream swing set.

This emphasis on being manufacturer-direct and made to order has enabled King Swing’s manufacturing to be at the cutting edge of swing set design. We listen to what our customers want and pay attention to what is trending in color and design.

People Make a Difference

King Swings has built vinyl swing sets and playhouses for over 35 years. From the humble beginnings in a chicken barn (you can read our origin story here) to our new building, King Swings is dedicated to bringing the plagyround home to every backyard.

While the facilities may be new, many faces remain the same. Heirloom, durable, high-quality swing sets do not build themselves. They are created by Amishmen like Moses (Or Mose, as he likes to be called), head of the swing set build bay. His knowledge of customizable swing sets is immense, earning him the phrase “Mose Knows!”

Or men like Chris, head of the loading bay. Chris often puts in long hours during the busy season to ensure everything is on the truck. Our hundreds of Google reviews reflect his tireless dedication to improving the delivery process and experience by ensuring the loads are stocked and ready to go.

As King Swings continuously pushes to bring new, modern swing sets and playhouses to the public, we know that our manufacturing team is up for the challenge. From iconic designs like our new A-frame playhouse to classic best-sellers like the Sea King, the King Swings manufacturing team will build your perfect playset with care, precious, and pride, knowing it will last.

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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