The Chalet A-frame Playhouse is what happens when you take the rustic charm and cozy appeal of our brand-new A-frame playhouses and combine it with the fun, excitement, and zest of a King Swings swing set!

The Chalet A-frame Playset


The Chalet could hardly be more stuffed full of fun! With a turbo tube slide at the end of the crawl space on the second story of the A-frame playhouse, a wobbly bridge bouncing over to another tower, swings, climbers, and monkey bars, there is something for everyone on this stunning set!

The aluminum railings on the Chalet A-frame Playhouse give the playset a luxurious, classy appearance. Our bright white and black color scheme highlights this A-frame playset’s modern yet iconic appeal!

The A-frame playhouse is a two-story playhouse! The second story is a fun crawl space accessed by the ladder on the balcony or from across the wobbly bridge. Children love careening across the bridge and ducking into the playhouse to come whooshing out the slide at the bottom!

With its staircase, the second tower provides an easy access point to the rest of the playset. Perfect for creative play, the rock wall provides a fun, challenging way up or down from the 6’x6’ tower.


Our A-frame playhouses are different from our standard playhouses for customizing. Because of the manufacturing process, you can’t make them wider or taller. However, never fear! The rest of the set is wide open! You can make that connecting tower bigger or smaller or add more fun slides or climbers. If you are trying to meet a certain budget, you can also remove items that you do not want. And you can always add in the family favorite ball pit under that second tower!

If you want just the A-frame playhouse without the balcony and second-story crawl space but wish to keep the rest of the playground separate, you certainly can! If just the A-frame playhouse is all you are looking for, check out the Summit A-frame Playhouse!

The Dimensions

The overall dimensions for the entire playset are 37’ from left to right and 23’ from front to back. The A-frame playhouse is 13’ from left to right, 6’ from front to back, and 11’ tall. Because this is a two-story playhouse, the headspace on the bottom of the floor is about 5’.

The porch in front of the A-frame playhouse is 11’ wide and 4’ front to back. The balcony on the second floor is 5’ left to right and about 2’8’’ wide. The little crawl space upstairs is about 5’9’’ left to right, 6’ in-depth, and at the tallest point, about 3’9’’.

The Materials

This A-frame playhouse and tower are made out of high-quality, durable materials. The structural parts of the playhouse, such as the 4x4s, 2x6s, etc, are made out of our vinyl sleeve, in which we insert our pressure-treated southern yellow pine. This combination creates a robust, heavy future framework that is splinter-free, virtually maintenance-free, and backed by an aggressive warranty!

The decking on the porch and inside the playhouse is made out of Trex® decking boards. Durable, stain resistant, and won’t rot, warp, crack, or split, Trex® decking is well known for its high quality.

This image shows children playing on an a-frame playhouse from King Swings.

Why We Love It

A-frame cabins first appeared in the 50’s and quickly became iconic in the architectural world. Placed in idyllic settings with beautiful vistas, they often served as vacation homes, their large windows allowing the homeowner to soak in the landscape. With everything that has happened in recent years, the need to escape our hectic world has increased, resulting in a spike in the popularity of A-frame cabins. There is something about that rustic charm that promises calm, peace, and relaxation.

A-frame cabins are one of the most easily recognizable architectural designs. The iconic, triangular shape makes for an efficient use of space and materials, making them easy to tuck into nature or, in playhouse form, into your backyard.

Our A-frame playhouses capture that same rustic charm and cozy appeal. With their simple yet elegant design, our A-frame playhouses will blend seamlessly into any setting, whether tucked under your large evergreen tree or against an urban vinyl fence. Regardless of location, the distinctive, iconic A-frame playhouse will promise a retreat, a respite from the hustle and bustle of preschool, homework, and daycare. It will provide that serene sanctuary for creative play and time spent together.

DIY Charm, None of the Hassle

A simple scroll through Pinterest reveals everyone loves A-frame playhouses, but no one wants to build, deliver, and install one for you in your backyard. Everyone has A-frame plans to sell, but no one will tackle the hard part.

It’s a good thing King Swings doesn’t shy away from hard work! You can get the stunning A-frame playhouse of your dreams without building it yourself! Skip the multiple trips to Home Depot, the ruined evenings, the tense “discussions” with the spouse as you struggle with the plans in the gathering dark, or the accidental expansion of your kid’s vocabulary after a hammer invertedly met your thumb. King Swings crafts, delivers, and installs, leaving you with the only job of enjoying the A-frame playhouse for years to come!

King Swings has captured the charm and rustic appeal of the A-frame cabin lifestyle with our new A-frame playhouses. You can get this iconic playhouse delivered and installed in your backyard, creating a perfect retreat for your children!

These A-frame playhouses are available for order now! What are you waiting for? Bring the playhouse home!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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