I am a sucker for top-ten lists. All my hobbies have content creators who know that humanity has a default weakness to top 10 lists, so they produce ever-updating videos that I watch faithfully. And it seems you all enjoy our top-selling swing sets and playhouse lists, so let’s update our list for Mid-2023!

#10 – The Mansion

When we were designing the Mansion playhouse, we wanted an easily customized playhouse that was left a bit more open for Moms and Dads to add their own customized flair. The Mansion has a unique wrap-around porch and two doors, providing lots of extra space for attaching climbers, slides, or other items. That, and the extra space, helps with imaginative play!

Even though it is only number 10 on our best-selling swing sets list, you can see its influence on many of our custom playhouses. The decking on the bottom with a lemonade stand is a common feature on big, custom playhouse sets, which the Mansion proudly showcases. The staircase with poly railings also makes its way into many designs.

Overall, the Mansion Playhouse is a really cute playhouse and often serves as a creative spark for customer designs.

You can view this playset here: The Mansion.

#9 – Winnies’ Tower

Children swinging on a vinyl swing set from King Swings.

As we were wrapping up our new swing set designs in early 2023, we suddenly realized that none of our smaller sets had a super spiral slide.

That wouldn’t cut it, so Winnies’ Tower burst into existence to fill that gap. We wanted a simple, clean design that could fit into any backyard yet still have one of our most popular slides.

That simple design with a small footprint gives Winnies’ Tower its spot on this list. Moms and Dads with young children love the super spiral slide and appreciate that they can get a lovely swing set that doesn’t dominate their yard.

You can view this set here: Winnies’ Tower.

#8 – Starboard Escape

Honestly, I expected the Starboard Escape to be a bit higher on this list!

When you look at it, the swing set has everything you want! Super spiral slide? Yep. Waterfall slide? Yes sir! Climbing wall ladder combo? Yeppers!

My theory of why this set doesn’t get more love is that it is already so packed full of fun things it is hard to customize this swing set. People love to customize, and when they look at the Starboard, they don’t see room to make it their own, so they pass on to other swing sets.

However, this vinyl swing set does leave its mark on many custom designs. Adding a super spiral slide to a set happens frequently, and the Starboard Escape may be a big reason why it happens.

To view the swing set, click here: Starboard Escape.

#7 – New Wave Rider

Shown is the Waver Rider swing set from King Swings. Children are swinging and sliding on it.

The Wave Rider swing set is one of my personal favorites. With the 7′ tall tower and all the climbers, slides, and swings you could want, the Wave Rider can just do it all!

The 6’x8′ playdeck is spacious, making it a great perch for your children to enjoy their summer play. From up there, they can view their domain and then, if needed, beat a hasty retreat down any of the slides if a dragon should come winging their way.

The New Wave Rider swing set’s footprint makes it a bit hard to be any higher on this list, as many backyards couldn’t fit this swing set in. However, the New Wave Rider swing set is a nearly perfect standard design for backyards that can house it!

To see this swing set, click here: New Wave Rider.

#6 – The Palace

One of the original Kingdom Series designs, the Palace Playhouse lead the way for many other classic designs. Without the Palace, there would be no Marble Palace, Homestead, or Legacy Homestead. It walked so all playhouses after it could run!

What makes the Palace special? The massive 8’x8′ playhouse is a big feature of this set. It’s spacious, and the working windows allow light and airflow. The turbo tube slide, rock wall, fireman’s pole, and high swing beam round out the fun on this playhouse. The Palace Playhouse is also fun to customize, which is why so many custom playhouse sets are based on this design.

If you want a big playhouse set, starting with the Palace as a foundation is a great move, but many parents don’t even bother to customize it. Moms and Dads take one look and say, “It’s perfect!”

To check out this playhouse, click here: The Palace.

#5 – The Captain’s Castle

This Image shows the Captain's Castle from King Swings

The Captain’s Castle has always lurked in the top three spots in previous years, but it seems to have taken a hit this year.  And it is all my fault as I was the one who chose to have it shown in red instead of the happy blue it’s traditionally shown in. My bad.

The Captain’s Castle soars up to a commanding 7′ deck height. Our impressive 7′ tall rock wall and 7′ super spiral slide are attached to this tower. The rock wall, especially, is very impressive and provides a great challenge!

But wait, the Captain’s Castle also has a lower height. The 5′ deck height has a waterfall slide, ladder, and access point for the monkey bars. This swing set is great for families with a wide age range!

To see the Captain’s Castle swing set, click here: The Captain’s Castle.

#4 – New Cubby’s Fort

The Cubby’s Fort swing set has been knocked out of the top three best-selling swing sets for the first time since I have been at King Swings. This is like the Jordan-era Bulls getting knocked out early in the playoffs. It is surprising and unexpected, but here we are!

Cubby’s Fort is your classic swing set. With a slide, climber combo, and monkey bar swing beam, it has all the great pieces you need for a swing set. We added the checkerboard sandbox cover this year and moved the ship’s wheel into the tower, so the swing set is also full of fun activities.

With all of these great features, why did this swing set fall from its top spot? Well, keep reading to see! I think the reasons will be clear.

To check out the New Cubby’s Fort, click here: New Cubby’s Fort.

#3 – Honey Bear Hangout 🥉

“Really?” you ask, “This is the bronze champion?”

Well, think about it for a moment. This swing set’s size and price point make it accessible for many budgets and backyards. It is only about 15′ left to right and 13′ front to back, so even tiny backyards can accommodate this swing set.

It is a great little swing set that Grandparents can put in their backyards, city dwellers can fit, and it doesn’t break your budget.

To check out the Honey Bear Hangout swing set, click here: Honey Bear Hangout.

#2 – New Cottage 🥈

This picture shows the New Cottage from King Swings

The New Cottage is our second-best top-selling swing set!

“Why is this the second place set?” you ask, “The Mansion has more space, the Palace is bigger, the Chateau has a wobbly bridge…” and on and on and so forth.

The New Cottage has several features that make a lasting first impression. First, it is the only standard set that features our white color, which is super popular. It also features our premium lean-to style roof, white railings, and our gray slide and swing color. It has everything a modern playhouse should have. Parents look at that, imagine it in their backyard, and fall in love.

On top of that, it is not nearly as massive as the other Kingdom Series playhouses. It can fit many more yards and budgets than a Homestead or Chateau. It is about the perfect size for everyone!

Playhouses are very popular right now, and the New Cottage is leading the pack. See it here: New Cottage.

#1 – The Sea King 🥇

No one saw this coming at the start of the year. Everyone here at King Swings knew the Sea King is a great swing set, but it has some challenges. It is very hard to photograph, and it doesn’t look as impressive as the Captain’s Castle. If you don’t see it in person, it can be hard to understand what is so great about it.

So how is it number one?

There are several reasons the Sea King has taken the top spot. One reason is that the swing set features some of our most popular pieces. The full-width rock wall and the staircase are proven favorites, and the addition of the waterfall slide and the monkey bar swing beam make this a well-rounded swing set.

The tower is what sells the set, however. The 6’x8′ play deck means there is space for a whole posse of children or a table and chairs. There is space for you to join in the fun without it feeling tight and constrained. Having adequate space is an often overlooked part of creative play: the Sea King provides space for imaginations to run wild.

The Sea King is simple to customize. The tower’s back side is wide open, making it very easy to move parts around to fit the swing set into your space. Or, it is very simple to add to the Sea King. The Sea King swing set’s simple design allows parents to easily customize to make their own unique version of the Sea King.

To see our reigning champ, visit here: The Sea King.

Check Back End of 2023

And that is our top 10 best-selling swing sets for Mid 2023. The top spots were obvious, but many of the middle positions could have gone either way! Check back in towards the end of the year to see if this list remains true or if old champions will rise back up to the top of the list!

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