Is this your first time shopping for a swing set or playhouse, and you are unsure where to start?

Welcome to the King Swings Quick Start Guide! This guide will give you a quick and easy starting point. We will take you through the five basic steps our customers go through when shopping for a swing set or playhouse. They are:

  • Check out our Best-Sellers
  • Measure Your Yard
  • Contact Us to Customize
  • Review Your Estimate
  • Place your Order

We will give a quick overview of each step. However, if reading is not your thing, call us! Our swing set design team has worked with hundreds of families who call in to get started.

Our team will start with an exploration stage, during which we will ask you about your space, budget, kids’ ages, and priorities. We will then suggest a few standard sets to consider.

However, if you want to do homework first, jump into our King Swings Quick Start Guide.

Step 1: Check Out Our Best Sellers and Instagram

Browsing our best sellers will give you a good understanding of the size, price, and how all the fun slides, rides, and climbers work together. Our Instagram is full of customized models, and a few minutes of scrolling will give you an excellent idea of what is possible.

The first set to check out is our #1 seller for 2022 and 2023, the Sea King. This set offers a spacious play deck, swings, a slide, a rock wall, and much more. It has everything you would need in a swing set in a rectangular shape that would fit almost any backyard.

Once you are done with the Sea King, jump over to the Captain’s Castle. This set shows off our rock walls and all their glory while introducing you to the idea of double-deck towers. A double-deck tower is a single tower with two different heights, one at 5’ and the other at 7’. This makes double-deck tower swing sets very versatile.

Now that you are finished with the Captain’s Castle, check out the Cubby’s Fort. Cubby’s Fort is a classic swing set that has been on the top-seller list for years. Even though it has a small footprint, the Cubby’s Fort has all the premium features you want on a swing set.

For the playhouses, check out the New Cottage Playhouse and the Palace Playhouse. The New Cottage Playhouse was 2023’s top-selling playhouse, while the Palace is just a fantastic, spacious playhouse that was the basis of many custom playhouses.

Now that you have explored these standard sets, you know what we offer and how it all fits together. You are now ready for step #2.

Step 2: Measure your Yard and Access Point

Grab a tape measure and an extra set of hands and walk out into your yard. Spend some time measuring the area you are considering as your playground site. Once you have those dimensions, be sure to measure any gates or tight access points you have. We need an access point 2’’ wider than the tower for most sets.

Now that you have measured your space and access points, it is time for step #3.

Step 3: Contact us to Customize

Armed with the knowledge you gleaned from steps #1 and #2, give us a call and discuss what you liked and what you want to change about the sets that caught your eye.

Regardless of your approach, we will answer your questions and help you customize your swing set or playhouse. When we have it all on paper, we send over a 2D rendering and an estimate for you to review.

Step 4: Review your Estimate

Spend some time talking through the swing set or playhouse. If you have any changes to the drawing and estimate, reach out. We are happy to help, and most customers take a few estimates to perfect their swing set or playhouse.

Step 5: Place Your Order

Once we perfect your custom swing set design, it is time to place a deposit. This deposit locks in your order and your spot on the delivery truck. The scheduling team will contact you about a week after your order with a delivery date.

Want even more info?

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King Swings has been crafting high-quality, durable, made to order swing sets for the past 35+ years. Each swing set or playhouse is customizable, delivered, and installed in your backyard, making us a one-stop shop for your swing set needs. We are also manufacturer-direct, which means you get to work with our in-house teams, not outsourced crews.

We get it. This is a big purchase for you. We treat every swing set or play house like it is as valuable to us as it is to you. Read our Google reviews, and when you are ready, contact us to bring the playground home!