Blending highlights from both the Palace and the Homestead, the Royal Playhouse is a fantastic customized playhouse!

The bottom tower takes a unique approach having only clubhouse walls on two sides, making it feel spacious and open. This also allows Mom and Dad to see in at all times. The coffee bar will be the center of many, many imaginative games!

The high swing beam with perpendicular monkey bars is the perfect way to get both items without eating up your backyard!

With a rock wall and a fireman’s pole, there is always an exciting way up or down this Royal Palace!

To see an IG Reel of this set, go here!

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These large playhouse sets are very heavy. We will use a mini skid steer to maneuver your set into place. If your yard is soft or if they must use tight turns, there will be scuffs left in your yard. This will be understood as an acceptable risk of getting the set installed.

While beautiful, the bright white will show any mud from the road, bug splatters, or other dirt from the manufacturing and delivery process. A simple scrubbing with a cloth and cleaner will remove the dirt from your playset.

The size of the playhouse is determined by measuring across the tower the playhouse sits on. The dimensions of the playhouse are approximate. Price does not include landscaping materials.

This Model Includes

Towers: 8’x11′ Play Deck at 6′ Deck Height, 8’x8′ Poly Cabin with Poly Roof and 5′ Walls
Slides: 7′ Turbo Tube Slide
Climbers: 6′ Staircase w/ Poly Railing, 6′ Full-Width Climbing Rock Wall
Roof Type: Poly
Swing Bar: 3 Position 10′ High Swing Beam with Perpendicular Monkey Bars
Rides: (1) Belt Swing, (1) Plastic Glider, (1) Trapeze Bar
Fun Accessories: 6′ Fireman’s Pole, (2) Small Flower Boxes, Coffee Bar w/ 2 Chairs, Clubhouse Walls (16 Lineal Ft.), Decking Under Tower (64 Sq. Ft.)

Product Specifications

Border Needed: 110′
Rubber Mulch Needed: 2.5 ton
Wood Mulch Needed: 7 cu. yds.
Weed Guard Needed: 714 sq. ft.
Total Space Needed: 21′ x 34′

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